Free Coronavirus Phishing Test for Employees

Nick Santora | March 19, 2020

Curricula is offering free Coronavirus phishing tests that you can use to help train your employees. After seeing countless organizations fall victim to phishing scams, misinformation, and other cyber attacks, we wanted to do our part to help fight back. Remember, this phishing test isn’t designed to trick employees, it’s designed to reinforce positive communications behavior and create a lessons learned surrounding this tough time within your organization. Use the phishing test to create that moment within your employees eyes of how easy hackers can claim to be someone else and teach them how to recognize those threats in the future.

Why is Curricula giving away a free Coronavirus phishing test?

IT heroes across the globe have been doing everything they can to keep employees productive. That includes handling VPN issues, setting up laptops, dealing with wi-fi problems, and dealing with a million other fires. Hackers are taking advantage of this unfortunate time we are all going through. We have seen so many phishing attacks targeting employees that are now part of a massive remote workforce. It is becoming harder and harder for IT teams to wear every single hat all while keeping their employees safe and secure. We have been working tirelessly to help our customers and other IT heroes get through this tough time.

Access Coronavirus Phishing Test

Please let us know how else the Curricula team can support you during this time.

Author: Nick Santora
  • Nick Santora

CISSP, CISA, Chief Executive Officer of Curricula.