Why Curricula

Not all of your employees are cyber security experts. But your employees do have one of the most important roles in helping prevent your organization from falling victim to a cyber attack. So we must train them to be aware of current cyber threats and how to become your organization’s first line of defense.

The problem is that most security awareness training is packed with technical terms, legal language, and boring dry content. Sound familiar? Think of the last Death by PowerPoint presentation you had to go through. The result? Your employees tune out and try to simply “complete” their required training as quickly as possible. Not very helpful when your relying on them to help protect your organization from cyber attacks. Why have a security awareness program if it is not effective?

So the problem isn’t a lack of information on the subject of cyber security, but how can you change the perspective of this information so your employees actually learn from the training? How can you make training fun, relatable, and engaging for your employees?

Curricula’s Story Based Security Awareness Training Content

Curricula’s security awareness training program helps organizations train their employees on cyber security topics using short, relatable stories about cyber security breaches. When being told a story, not only are the language processing parts of your brain activated, experiencing the events of a story also engages other areas of your brain.

Curricula’s security awareness episodes are short and memorable which makes it easy for your employees to quickly grasp some of today’s biggest cyber threats. These stories become part of your organization’s culture. They are discussed among employees, friends, and family. Your employees become trained through experience and will defend your organization from being the target of a cyber attack.

Without having a story of their own, it’s difficult for employees to understand the impact of a cyber attack. Curricula becomes their story, so they don’t have one of their own.

Curricula Platform

The Curricula platform allows you to manage your security awareness program similar to the way a marketing campaign is managed. We provide you the tools to successfully plan, launch, and analyze your security awareness efforts in a simple, web based platform. Our goal is to help your organization develop a culture of security and make your security awareness program fun, engaging, and effective. You will receive access to our episode library, downloadable posters to promote security, as well as a detailed learner behavior analytics to help identify the biggest risks that face your organization.

Curricula is a small team of cyber security, marketing, and design experts. Organizations choose Curricula for our engaging story based security awareness content and proprietary online security awareness training platform. Your employees will thank you for an refreshingly relatable educational experience. Curricula’s process used to develop and deliver security awareness content is highly effective and drives a culture change in your organization. If you are looking to make a significant change, protect your organization’s most valuable assets, and engage your employees with an immersive security awareness program, Curricula is your answer.

It’s time to ditch your boring training and get a security awareness program that actually works.

Enjoy Learning.