Learning Strategy

The insula is the part of your brain that activates when being told a story. Curricula engages our learners using short animated stories, ultimately affecting learning behaviors.

Long-term Learning

There is a reason you remember scenes from your favorite movie. We engage our learners in long-term learning strategies, rather than cramming for a short-term education.



A strong cyber security awareness training program needs analytics. We give you the tools to understand how your learners are behaving.

Maintenance Free

Managing servers and supporting infrastructure is a headache. Curricula handles all the infrastructure needs so you can focus on what's important, training your people.


Human Focused

Everything we do is thoughtfully designed for the learner experience, from our interface to our character development.


Learning can always be interesting and fun when presented in the right way. When you are having fun while learning, the education component becomes second nature.



We teach cyber security to thousands of learners across the globe. The Curricula community is our priority.

Cyber Security

We love cyber security. Curricula develops new content for our learners based on current cyber security risks, threats, and events.