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Curricula security awareness training protects your organization from cyber threats. Engage your employees with short relatable stories that visualize an actual cyber attack.

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95% of cyber attacks can be prevented with an effective security awareness training program. Curricula’s cyber security awareness training engages your employees to defend against common cyber security threats.

95% of security breaches are caused by human error.

95% of security breaches are caused by human error.

IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index
$4M is the total cost of the average cyber security breach.

9 out of 10 US businesses fall victim to hacking incidents each year.

HSB Survey
$4M is the total cost of the average cyber security breach.

$4M is the total cost of the average cyber security breach.

Ponemon Institute
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Curricula Aware is an online security awareness training platform designed to train your employees to defend against cyber threats. Curricula Aware delivers short relatable stories about cyber security breaches. These stories make your employees aware of current cyber threats and help prevent costly security breaches.

Step 2 - Schedule
Step 1 Schedule

Easily assemble a schedule of security awareness episodes for your employees based on current cyber threats targeting your organization. Episodes are less than 10 minutes and cover topics such as Ransomware, Phishing, Removable Media, and many more.

Step 2 - Deliver
Step 2 Deliver

Use Aware’s built in marketing tools to help promote your security awareness training and drive employee engagement. Email reminders and simple learner access help keep your employees engaged and reminded about protecting your organization.

Step 3 - Measure
Step 3 Measure

Aware helps visualize learner behaviors, gaining insight to the effectiveness of your cyber security awareness training. Detailed analytics visualize which topics are higher risk for your organization and how to reduce those risks.

Effective Cyber
Security Awareness Program

Short relatable stories engage your employees on how to prevent cyber attacks. Our proprietary security awareness training content makes learning cyber security fun and memorable. Curricula makes cyber security a priority for your organization and its employees.


Download print-ready posters and additional resources directly related to each Aware episode. Simple, relatable messaging increases the effectiveness of your security awareness training program.


Customize your security awareness training to integrate with your organization.

Custom Policies

Insert custom policies and procedures specific to your organization.

Custom Contacts

Insert custom contact information if your employees have any questions.

Security Awareness Topics

Some topics Curricula trains your employees on


Recognize ransomware and how to prevent an attack.


Detect and defend against phishing email attacks.

Social Engineering

Identify and defend against social engineering attacks.


Protect online accounts by creating strong passwords.

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Experience a free demo of Curricula’s Security Awareness Training. Our team will show you how to build an effective security awareness program using Aware and protect your organization from cyber threats.

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