Cyber Security Awareness Training

Curricula Aware is a story based cyber security awareness training platform designed to change behaviors and build a stronger cyber security culture.

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Build a schedule for your learners and launch your cyber security awareness training within minutes. You choose the episodes and the Aware platform takes care of the rest.


Aware builds your organization’s cyber security culture while teaching your learners about specific cyber security topics. Security awareness training develops a more knowledgeable and security conscious workforce.


The Aware security awareness platform delivers detailed analytics of learner performance with a live dashboard to visualize the effectiveness of your cyber security awareness training.

Story Based Cyber Security Awareness Training

We build a security awareness program with you, not just for you. The Aware platform delivers short animated stories that teaches your organization how to not get hacked. Let us show you how.

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Focused Topics

Aware creates an engaging educational experience by targeting specific security awareness topics.

Rich Content

Our story based learning teaches complex cyber security concepts through short animated stories.


We make learning fun and focus on helping you increase the effectiveness of your security awareness program.


Higher retention leads to a more knowledgeable and security conscious staff within your organization.


Beautiful Dashboards

Gain valuable insight on how your Aware campaigns are performing at a glance.

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Campaign Analytics

See how your security awareness campaigns are performing at a glance.

Automated Delivery

Fully hosted infrastructure. You choose the delivery methods that is right for you.


Want to see where learners are accessing your Aware campaigns from? Now you can.

Responsive Design

Aware is built for mobile using HTML5 technology. Any device. Anywhere.

What makes an effective Cyber Security Awareness Program?

First, lets start with the purpose of cyber security awareness training. At Curricula, we treat security awareness just like a marketing campaign. The focus of a marketing campaign is to build an audience and develop an understanding of ideas. The focus of the campaign should also to pitch value to your target market. Using these concepts, we make an effective and measurable security awareness program for your organization.

With cyber security awareness training for employees, we are simply promoting cyber security topics. Our value is delivered through the knowledge learned and retained from our security awareness campaigns. Effective security awareness training is able to change behaviors based on making conscious decisions while being aware of cyber security.

Challenges building a security awareness program

Your organization faces a unique set of challenges when developing a security awareness training program.

One of the biggest challenges when putting together a cyber security awareness program is to engage your learners. Your goal should be to provide them enough value to hear your message, connect with it, and change their behavior based on what they learned. This isn’t easy.

You must empower your learners with knowledge they actually will understand. Provide a few key takeaways that can help them in their jobs, at home, or anywhere else where cyber security knowledge applies.

Value of security awareness training

  • Why is cyber security awareness so important?

    Cyber security has become one of the most discussed topics for businesses of any size. If you think about it, cyber security is not the cost of doing business anymore, it is the cost of staying in business. The average cost of a data breach is around $3.8 Million, which is not only devastating financially, the reputation loss alone more than likely can put an organization out of business. Educating your employees on cyber security can be the difference your business needs. Cyber security education is often considered an afterthought until it's too late. Let's change that.

  • How to create effective security awareness training?

    Developing a security awareness training program takes effort. Understanding your environment, what type of learners you have , how your customers view you, what products and services you offer, your processes and procedures, and most importantly how important your data is to an attacker. With all of these factors, you can start to develop a security culture that speaks to your company culture. Getting everyone speaking the same language with a foundational education on cyber security topics. Once this is established, you need to measure your program. Without data, you cannot measure results of your security awareness training. Curricula provides you with information about your learners to review, analyze, and improve upon.

  • How are episodes delivered?

    Curricula Aware episodes are delivered based on your schedule. Once you identify your episodes, build a schedule and have them automatically be distributed to your learners throughout the year. Choose to deliver campaigns monthly, quarterly, or any other way needed.

  • What type of plans do you offer?

    Curricula Aware is available for organizations of any size and industry. If you are a small business with only a few employees or a large corporate with thousands of learners, we can help. Our goal is to work with you to develop cyber security awareness training that builds a strong security culture. Our team works on identifying your risks, and will setup a plan to help educate your organization on reducing those risks.